Hyper-targeted Ads

Hyper-targeted Ads

Users See Ads Related to What They Actually Searched For

With pay-per-click, it’s easy to make sure an ad shows up in the search results when someone on your area searches for hearing services. Using massive hearing-specific keyword lists, and being willing to pay when someone actually clicks, is really all it takes. But having an ad show up isn’t enough. If that ad doesn’t obviously relate to what the user is searching for, they’re not likely to click on it.

HearPPC incorporates tons of different ads specific to the hearing industry.

These industry-specific ads ensure that a relevant ad is shown each time someone in your area searches for anything related to your services. And when new hearing-related products hit the scene, we’re able to quickly create ads related to those keywords as well.

The keywords and ads are constantly being updated.

For example, let’s say some manufacturer comes out with a their next family of hearing aids, and calls it “Dynasupermo”. If your practice is affiliated with that manufacturer, an ad for your practice will show when someone in your area searches for “Dynasupermo Hearing Aids”. But not just any ad – a hyper-targeted ad specific to “Dynasupermo” hearing aids will show up – ready to be clicked on.