How PPC Typically “Works” for Most Practices

How PPC Typically “Works” for Most Practices

Irrelevant Ads Send People To Irrelevant Landing Pages


Although pay-per-click marketing (PPC) can be very effective for a lot of businesses (including online hearing aid retailers), those few local audiology and hearing practices that have actually tried PPC often end up spending a lot of money producing very poor results.

Their ads are too general, so users don’t feel compelled to click on them.

The search engines also recognize that the ad is less relevant to the user’s search, which causes the ad to show in poorer positions and raises the cost-per-click.

And if someone actually clicks on the ad, they are usually taken to the homepage of the website, which usually doesn’t address what they were searching for.

Seconds later, they click the back button.

The practice ends up paying in inflated amount to the search engine for a visitor to simply load the page and click the back button.