Continuous Split-testing, Tweaking & Improvements

Continuous Split-testing, Tweaking & Improvements

Ad Performance Improves While Costs Go Down Over Time

Big businesses constantly monitor, test, and tweak their campaigns to improve performance over time and decrease their costs. As a small local business, this is practically impossible. It takes too long to collect enough data to make any decisions that have any effect. But by keeping campaign structures, keyword lists, and ad copy similar across multiple accounts, we’re able to combine the data collected to play the game the way the big boys do.

We’re finally able to split-test ads

Instead of just running a single ad addressing a particular search term, we write two ads for each ad group. As the ads are evenly rotated and we analyze the click data, eventually, one ad copy proves to more effective at generating clicks. When this happens, that copy is retired across the accounts and replaced with new copy. The process then repeats itself. Over time, ad performance should improve while the costs-per-click decline.

Negative keyword lists are shared across all accounts

It’s frustrating to pay for clicks that Google thinks are relevant, when they’re unrelated to the hearing industry. One way to avoid this is to make sure that when it happens, you add that particular search term to your campaign’s negative keyword list to make sure that search term doesn’t trigger your ads again. With HearPPC though, if someone in another area searches for an irrelevant search term that triggers an ad, that search term can be added to the negative keyword lists of all the accounts.

Competitive analysis and monitoring shows what’s working for the national advertisers

There are services out there that constantly monitor the AdWords network. By watching the search results very closely, they’re able to compile data about advertisers’ keyword lists, campaign structure, and actual ad copy. For a fee, they’ll share their data with businesses so they can see what’s working for other advertisers in their industry and apply that information to improve their own campaigns. For a small local practice, the fee is cost-prohibitive. But for the HearPPC network, the cost is justified because the data can be used to benefit the practices across all accounts.