About Us

Meet the HearPPC Team

Matt Perry, Au.D. – Founder

In early 2010, Matt became the first person in the world to be simultaneously certified by the American Academy of Audiology, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and Google. As both a private practice owner and Google-certified AdWords specialist, he brings a unique perspective to marketing an audiology practice online.

HearPPC was started out of frustration. In most industries, the best AdWords managers have dominated their markets by focusing on things like split-testing ad copy, bidding on long-tail keywords, and driving traffic to interest-specific landing pages. Although Matt was well educated on those techniques, and had previously applied them to some national marketing campaigns, they were ineffective and impractical for a local audiology practice. Eventually, by figuring out how to leverage complex server-side technologies and approaching our market as a collection of similar, non-competing, local markets, HearPPC was created to allow local practices to use AdWords the way big businesses do to generate new clients without overspending on advertising.

As a practice owner and active clinician, Matt keeps his eye on the industry and stays sensitive to the desires of the consumer. He directs the HearPPC team and is heavily involved in keyword selection, ad creation, and bid management.


Angela Jeffress – Account Manager

Angela manages the day-to-day activities of HearPPC. As a certified Google Adwords specialist, she continuously monitors account performance, tweaks campaign settings when needed, and assists practice owners with account setup, maintenance, and billing. To keep her finger on the pulse of the hearing industry, Angela physically works out of Dr. Perry’s audiology practice. Her familiarity with the clinical side of the hearing industry allows her to better address the needs of both practice owners and hearing aid prospects.

Jon Perry – Lead Developer

Jon is the programming mastermind behind HearPPC. Being both an accomplished web developer and Matt’s brother makes him the perfect man for the job. Jon’s code initially brought the concept of HearPPC to life. These days he spends his time continuously innovating by developing new features, managing HearPPC’s multiple servers, keeping up with Google’s frequent programming updates, and figuring out “how” when it looks like something can’t be done.  Jon uses server-side technology, Google’s application programming interface (API), and the AdWords scripting engine to make the impossible possible.