Big Business Search Engine Marketing

for Small Business Audiologists and Hearing Aid Practices

Attention: After years of trying to keep up with Google's API changes, recent changes have made it impossible to continue using HearPPC. As of April 12th, 2019, HearPPC will be retired.

Hyper-Targeted Ads

Incorporating hundreds of different ads, a relevant ad is shown each time someone in your area searches for anything related to your services.

Perfectly-Matched Landing Pages

After clicking your ad, visitors see a dynamically-created page within your website that matches the topic they originally searched for.

Continuous Ad Testing & Improvement

Combining the data collected across all practices, we’re able to split-test and continuously improve ad copy.

Monthly Budgeting for Small Practices

Save money by setting a monthly click budget you’re comfortable with.  You pay Google directly for actual clicks accumulated, with no agency markups.

What is HearPPC?

HearPPC is a unique, managed pay-per-click advertising network that uses Google AdWords to send people in YOUR area, who are searching for YOUR services, to YOUR practice. It was created to specifically address the unique marketing needs of small audiology and hearing aid practices.

We are a Google Partner: